What is Adves?

Adves is a cross-channel performance management platform. Our platform is focused on convenient data aggregation from Adwords, Facebook, Appsflyer and third party BI systems.

What channels does Adves support?

At the first stage of the launch, you will have integration with Adwords and Appsflyer. Facebook will be added soon.

How can Adves help me?

Adves can help you analyze the performance of your Adwords and Facebook campaigns; merge data from BI with tracking service; calculate ROI, ARPU, (e)CPI, events and other important metrics for media buyers. Reports by keywords, campaigns, gender, and Geo are all available in the system together with the metrics specific to each channel.

Who is more suitable for the Adves?

We’ve tried to build the service that suits for any professional purpose, in addition to small enterprises needs. We have diversified price plans.

I’m worried about my data. What to do?

Our service gets access to the on-line advertising systems through the OAuth-protocol, and we won’t be able to see the data in your accounts.

How much will you charge me?

It will depend on your budget.

Will a Demo or a Trial Period be available?

Of course. Several mobile marketing agencies already have beta test access. <Sign up>, and you will be among the first who can try our service.

I don’t have a time to configure the system. Can you help me?

Yes, when we start, our support team will help you to configure the service.

Do I have to pay for early access?

No, you don’t have to pay. Furthermore, for early subscribers we give a free month.

I’m a small advertiser and can’t pay high fees for access. Can I afford Adves?

We will have various and affordable service packages for small advertisers like you.

How can I work with custom UTM and ValueTrack parameters in my reports in Adves?

If you have a different UTM parameters order in campaign name and don’t know how to aggregate the data from various sources/managers/clients, we have a solution. We are aware that  tracking links vary from client to client. Our system can decompose campaign names such {campaignid}_{adgroupid}_{keywordid} or {adgroupid}_{campaignid}_{keywordid} etc., into one ready for analysis and aggregation reporting with minimum manual operation.